For more than 40 years, Chef Joseph Hadad put all of his talent, perseverance and excellence into the gastronomic area.

For him, every story begins and ends in the kitchen because there’s nothing better than to let the power of good tastes own your passion and creativity. He is one of the most well-known and appreciated chefs from Romania, a television man, an international gastronomy consultant and restaurant owner – Joseph Hadad, the creator of the MACE concept.

For Joseph Hadad, MACE means first of all an explosion of spices, a return to the tastes from which he began his entire gastronomic journey, tastes that have the power to transcend time and space.

MACE is a reinterpretation of good taste and an invitation to discover an oriental-Moroccan gastronomic experience, with strong European influences. In Chef’s eyes, MACE is the most beautiful connection to his origins. The connection through the native tastes and aromas.


Chef Joseph Hadad has put all his passion and his decades experience in the gastronomic area in the creation process of MACE’s menu.

Inspired by Chef’s Hadad native cuisine, Mace’s menu reunites Middle East inspired dishes with European notes, highlighted with bold and unique mixes of authentic marrocan spices, which will rock our guests taste buds.

‘’There is no greater joy than seeing a dream of mine come to life. For me, MACE is a return to the place where it all began, the most beautiful connection to my origins, to my land, to flavours and colours. There are no borders and rules in MACE’s kitchen. All that matters is to achieve a delicious and flavourful taste, that invites you to come back.’’  – Chef Joseph Hadad


MACE, the meeting point between a gastronomic journey and a Middle East cultural experience.

Having strong roots in the traditional flavours of northern Tunisia, Africa and Morocco, the story of MACE speaks through the oriental spices and flavors which will give your taste buds a unique experience.


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Looking for an ideal venue for private events that offers delicious food, a great setting, and incredible service? Look no further than Mace by Joseph Hadad.