MACE, the meeting point between a gastronomic journey and a Middle East cultural experience. Having strong roots in the traditional flavours of northern Tunisia, Africa and Morocco, the story of MACE speaks through the oriental spices and flavors which will give your taste buds a unique experience.


Also, MACE’s concept could be defined through the main three key words – earth, water, fire.


Borrowing its name from the orange peel of the nutmeg, MACE is your invitation to discover recipes inspired by Chef Joseph Hadad’s native cuisine.


When it comes to the menu, MACE means oriental flavoured dishes created under Chef Hadad’s wand and highlighted by bold and unique mixes of authentic spices.


MACE’s tastes invite our guests to discover a Middle East dining experience while the explosion of oriental spices and flavours will rock their taste buds. Having a modern design, with powerful, Moroccan notes, MACE’s warm and friendly atmosphere will invite you in.

MACE is the place where you will discover a Middle East inspired menu, with European notes while you will enjoying a multi-sensorial unique experience.


Even if you are a non-vegetarian or a vegetarian, here at Mace you will enjoy a multi-sensorial, unique gastronomic experience with flavorful dishes which will fulfill even your highest expectations.


There are no rules and borders in Mace’s kitchen. There’s only an explosion of Oriental-Moroccan spices while we bring on your plate the perfect, delicious, unforgetable taste.


In the MACE’s Universe, the good taste is seen as a timeless landmark which has the power to connect you to different cultures, experiences and memories.


MACE is more than a restaurant. MACE is your escape into the Universe of the flavorful, oriental inspired, amazing tastes.